Saturday, February 27, 2016

Phonics Activity Cards

My son is in first grade this year and we have been working on learning to read words with blends, digraphs, and all of the long vowel spellings. I wanted to make an activity that would be a fun way for him to practice the spellings. These cards can be used in a few different ways. Here are some pictures of how my son and I used them. I cut out the cards and laminated them.

Then I used a 1 inch square punch to make a hole underneath the picture and word. Find 1 inch square punch here. Each word is missing a short vowel, long vowel, blend, or digraph. You can place the card on a piece of paper or white board and write the missing sounds in the hole. Below are a few examples of the different kinds of cards.

The pack has short vowel, blends, digraphs, silent E, and long vowel team cards for students to practice with. You could place the full page in a sheet protector and have students write the missing sounds in the box with a dry erase marker. You could also cut the cards out, laminate them but not punch out the square and have students write the missing sound with a dry erase marker.
 Phonics Activity Cards

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine Crayons

This year my friend and I decided to make Valentine's for our kids to take to school. We decided to make heart shaped crayons. We had some trouble finding the molds for the smaller crayons and finally settled on a bigger mold from Wal-Mart. We loved the way that the crayons came out! They are really smooth and shiny!

We used blue, gray, black, and white crayons for the boy valentines. We were going for Star Wars like colors since all the boys are into that right now. We used pink, purple, and white crayons for the girl valentines. I made a card for the background, which you can get in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free. There is a card with the blue colors, pink colors, and rainbow colors.

How to Make Heart Shaped Crayons

Step 1 - Peel the crayons you are going to use
Step 2 - Break the crayons into small pieces
Step 3 - Place them into your silicon heart shaped mold
Step 4 - Bake for 15-20 minutes on 250 degrees until the crayons are melted
Step 5 - Let crayons cool, pop them out, and stick them to your cards